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MMX Yoga Fusion

Feb Offerings &
A unique Yoga / Massage Series
Lock & Load - Click Here

Focus February

Every Monday at 6:30pm (70 mins)*
* Monday Feb 19th. Special 2pm Class (Presidents' Day)
* Monday Feb 26th. Lock & Load Yoga Massage Combo Series Begins.
With Nathan and Franco. Click Here

Every Wednesdays at 6:30pm (70 mins)*
* Wednesday Feb 14th. Love Eros Massage Theme with Tim G

Every Saturday at 11am (90 mins)*
* Saturday Feb 17th. Location change for today.

CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)123 4th Ave (bw 12th and 13th st) - 3rd Floor White Room.

Every Sunday at 4pm (90 mins)
* Sunday Feb 18th. 4:30pm. Location and Time change for today.
Same Building - 51 West 14th Street - 3F

* Changes/Additions

the Unalome calls: Spires of Enlightenment
(the male energy symbol of personal and spiritual quest)

you arrive...shedding layers

 opening up finding balance and space within 

(with subtle adjustments from our top notch teachers)

you'll be challenged on your own 

and support each other in partner work

you'll find the fit friendly male community you've been looking for

and finish by honoring yourself in calm mind body and soul

and hey
the male form, the beauty, the butts
exquisite and inspiring 


The Deets...

Yoga Fusion is a syncretic blend of traditional yoga styles with active contemporary exercise techniques, bound together with our touch-centered approach to male wellness. Our naked practice centers on the spirit, the body, and conscious awareness -- with the ultimate goal to transcend all three.
Nude practice in a community of fit men creates an energy within the studio unlike any you will find elsewhere. Wider. Fuller. Deeper. Not to mention the occasional partner work.

Our teachers are among the best in the city. They bring a depth of knowledge and intuition from rich experience in motion and corporeal arts.

They know your body.
They know what works.
They push you to your edge and back.

Our goal, plain and simple, is to connect you to yourself and others in a profound humanist manner. Your best self, here and now.

Each class is unique. Yoga Fusion draws upon optimal elements from various yoga traditions tailored to harness male energy.


Mondays at 6:30pm (70 mins)

Wednesdays at 6:30pm (70 mins)

Saturdays at 11am (90 mins)

Sundays at 4pm (90 mins)

All Classes available for MMX members and guests
at 2B Studios, 51 West 14th Street - 4R

the Cost...
Designed for Commitment

Buy Now

6 Classes: $129 ($21 per class)

12 Classes: $229 ($19 per class)

20 Classes: $339 ($17 per class)

Drop In: $28



The fine print....
Class cards can be used for ALL yoga classes.

6 class – 50 days after first class attended,

12 class – 85 days after first class attended,
20 classes – 110 days after first class attended.
In the case of injury or extended travel, you can “freeze” your card for up to 45 days. There are no refunds but cards are transferable to another member.

Please Register in Advance for classes on the MMX Site to guarantee your spot and so we can notify you of any changes.

Questions:  Email



Q: I've practiced yoga a few times but never naked. What should I know?

A: You will find it tremendously freeing. Your form and practice will improve substantially from truly seeing proper alignment and receiving expert correction. You'll never want to practice clothed again.  And if you want to be minimally covered for whatever reason, we still welcome you.

Q: I'm not super flexible. What if I can't do all the positions?

A: Most men struggle with flexibility. That is why we call it a practice. The goal is not to put your foot behind your head, but instead to condition your muscles and joints to allow for greater overall fitness and balance. 

Q: What if I get an erection?

A: North Korea will likely launch a direct ballistic attack on Guam in retaliation for your boner. Seriously, erections are rare in yoga, but we welcome the rock hard and the flaccid. You will be working quite hard to focus on form and breath. Your blood will flow to many other parts of your body that will need it more. It will not be an issue.

Q: How fit do I need to be?

A: If you are an MMX member with a login ID, you are welcomed.  All body types  will be found in any class.  You'll experience dancer bods, ripped guys, tight and toned, twinks, hairly, smooth, guys with bellies, baby bears, chunky, and all varieties of shapes and sizes of guys with an athletic bent.

Q: Do you offer private yoga sessions?

A: Yes, we can schedule you a private session with one of our instructors in our studio or in your home (extra travel fees).  The session lasts approximately 70 mins.  The cost is $140.  To request this, use the link or email us. 



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Michael Ga

Say hello to Michael.  He has been teaching yoga since 2008 largely naked.  Michael teaches a vinyasa-based class that always includes longer holds of a few poses. The combination of movement and stillness preserves balance within the practice and challenges you to remain attentive and open to shifting experiences.

He believes in the strength of our community and the importance of healthy touch, so you can expect some partner work in each class. The room will be comfortably warm, but not excessively hot, so a moderate amount of sweat is reasonable depending on your fitness level and how much internal resistance you create.


Say hello to Nathan.  Nathan received his credentials 7 years ago with a focus on Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation.  What started as a yoga love affair has evolved into a passionate career teaching across Manhattan in multiple formats. 

You can expect a healthy dose of athleticism and relaxation, giving space for the basics and ample time for advanced asanas.  He shares with his students the ways to develop focus, find ease under pressure, and keep a light spirit. The class is open to anyone looking to lighten their spirit, dive deep into the inner body, breathe often, and smile during and especially after class :)  


Say hello to Shaka.  He began teaching yoga in 2004 and since 2009 has been deepening his practice through study of Direct Realization Tantric traditions.

He conducts classes that are designed to help people connect to their minds, hearts, and bodies, infused with the philosophical concepts of Tantra, partner work, as well as meditation.

His Hatha yoga classes help students cultivate healthy bodies and expressive hearts. Students should come prepared to enjoy their own bodies and, through extensive partner work and massage, those of others!

Michael Gu

Say hello to Michael.  He has been teaching yoga for close to a decade. In addition to completing numerous teacher trainings, he has traveled to India on extended trips to study. Michael teaches how he was taught and refers to himself as a non-dogmatic traditionalist. 

Michael teaches a class that is enjoyable, useful to the individual, and rooted in the traditional practices he has studied. Come to class prepared to be challenged and with an open mind. Expect to breathe, sweat, and explore the edges of your perceived limitations.  Join him on Select Saturdays at 11:30am.


Say hello to Tim.  Tim was born in Amsterdam, and first started practicing yoga in the late 1990’s. He has since been trained in India to teach classical Hatha Yoga and to instruct meditation. Having completed various teacher trainings in the US, he is now an Advanced Level Yoga Teacher.

His classes combine Hatha Flow—in which movement is aligned with breath—with postures that are held a bit longer for a deeper experience. This means that your body will be deeply stretched as your mind starts to relax. With warmth and attention for each student, Tim enjoys presenting practices and variations that are new and challenging.


Say hello to Seneca. 

He is the MMX Yoga program coordinator. 

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