2021 Summer 

351 Sunburst - The MMX House

at Sunburst & Ocean


Welcome to the MMX House! It ‘s a special place that is imbued with all the values, intentions, and sexiness that MMX is known for. It is a sex-positive and soul-nourishing gathering place for guests, members, masseurs, teachers and friends. It thrives when we gel as a community by embracing and participating in the flow.

Men that are a good fit for this unique environment possess a chill vibe and have a healthy, yogic energy. They are excited to contribute to the MMX community, whether through knowledge share or a delicious meal. They LOVE to touch, be touched, and may be a nudist or ‘clothing-optional’ fan. They are respectful of others’ boundaries, but are also engaging and not afraid to be themselves. Light use of substances and alcohol are welcome; abuse and ass-holery are not.

The MMX House is unique in that each member and visitor brings a unique energy to our space.  
Mix some Burning Man, Island Oasis, and Kripalu to create the perfect getaway. 

Prior to coming together on the island, we communicate our ideas and unique talents / skills / desires, so that everyone participates in the creation of a supremely enjoyable stay.  

For example....

We enjoy cooking delicious healthy meals and good eats.  Special cocktails and drinks and baked goods are always welcomed.  And a variety of cuisines and planning food for different palates.  You are also welcomed to eat out anytime, order in, and not join in any group meal planned.
We don't mandate group meals, but its always nice to break bread with housemates on the weekend. 

The Golden Rule - If you don't help in preparation, You Help with Clean Up!   

We are a clothing optional house and less is more.  Nudists are welcomed.  Ask a house mate to apply that sunscreen!  

Rubs and Touching are encouraged whether on the couch or the hot tub, or time set aside.  You can never get enough touch time.  Ask first and get the nod!

This is not a Party House, but we are 420 and booze friendly.  You should be a person that drinks responsibly and not to get drunk.  Social drinking - Yes.  Messy Drinking - No.   No lines of drugs on our coffee tables.  Smoking is always outside. 

Sex - Yes Yes Yes -   We all love it, love to watch it, love to join in, and love it many times a day.  Indoors - Outdoors - Wherever.  Bring your slutty self, and always get consent. 

We don't leave loud music on all night or early in the morning and we respect our neighbors.  Quiet enjoyment of the house when others are sleeping.  There are many levels to have fun!

We are a massage and yoga house, so come with a solid intention of partaking in a class and booking a session with one of our Pros.  This is not a requirement but an invitation that you'd be crazy to pass on.  And hey - you get a nice discount on all privates!!!  

No extra baggage.  Sorry, we rarely allow overnight guests to "crash".   And no sleeping in the common areas.

Doggies.  We love em.  Are they a good fit ?  Lets discuss.   

If we host gatherings or pop-ups, you're a host too so we all take a role in planning and throwing a great event.  Hosts get lots of attention!!! You'll want to be part of this as our events are epic.  

No Drama, Chill, Intentional, and we work hard/play hard.  


Great Location - Just 5 Streets East of Town Center

30 second Walk to the Ocean
Sits High on a Dune: Ocean & Bay Views
Sunrise, Sunset, and Views of the entire island
Gorgeous Blooming Aromatic Gardens
Koi Pond Tranquility Garden & Waterfall
Roof Deck for 20
7 minute walk to harbor
9 minute walk to liquor store
13 min walk to meatrack


inside the house

4 Bedrooms
2 Baths
Open Area Living Room
Unique Architecture
Bright and Airy - Great light and ocean breezes
Sleep to the sound of crashing waves
2 Bedrooms with Queen Bed 
1 Bedroom with Two Full Size Beds 
1 Bedroom with Twin (Reserved for masseur)
Nooks for reading, napping, cuddling
Views from every room
WiFi - High Speed Internet
2 Bedrooms have large flat screen TVs with DirecTV

outside the house

Multiple Hang Out Areas
Hot Tub Hang Out
Open Air Gazebo
Spacious Outdoor Shower for 3 or more (save water!)
Fabulous Roof Deck
Massage Cabana
No Pool but Big Saltwater Ocean Steps Away!

dates & deets

  • Weeks run from Thursday after 4pm until Wednesday at 12pm. 

    Rentals are for periods of 6 nights.  

    Rooms Avail are Upstairs and Downstairs Ocean View/Deck with Queen Bed.  Downstairs Room has access off the deck.  Both have shared bathroom attached (jack n jill)

    Prices are per room with a max of 2 per room.  

    Pricing / Weeks Available as of April 2021 (prices are per room)**

    Week of 6/10 - Sold

    Week of 6/17 - Sold
    Week of 6/24 - Sold
    Week of 7/1 Sold

    Week of 7/8 - $2,200 (1 Queen Room / 1 Room with 2 Dbl Beds)
    Week of 7/15 - (Inquire about Avail)

     Later Season Dates Coming Soon. 

    Each week, the house will be occupied by a masseur, yogi/masseur, and a yogi/masseur house host. 

  • Summer 2021 Hosts:
    Bryan & Disco 
    Jeff & Jimmy (6/3-6/9, 7/15-7/21, 8/12-8/17, mid Sep)

the house featured in Playboy!

An Architectual gem
No more chicks everywhere! Just hot sexy guys!!
July 1970 Playboy (thanks to Bryan B who found this copy!!)

FUN TIMES at 351 Since the early Days!

Massage Area at 351 Sunburst
request at bookmmx.com

Relax to the sound of the Ocean.
Fragrant Flowers
Ocean Breeze
Chirping Birds
Koi Pond & Waterfall
Room for Two - Couples Massage