• • Certified Massage Therapist
  • • 9 years of hands on experience
  • • Yoga Certified instructor
  • • Trained in Dance and theater pedagogy
  • • Current Performer
  • *Completed Vipassana Meditation Course.
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Jesse has worked in healing, restorative and therapeutic bodywork techniques from the Top of the Time Warner building to the respected 1000 oceans spa in the New Mexican dessert.

His work is a lifetime of experience in deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish strokes and body mechanics.

Jesse started the art of bodywork at a young age studying dance and motion. His dedication to the craft led him to a deep awareness of his body that sparked a desire to educate himself further. While pursuing a degree in fine arts, he began training in massage and yoga which lead to a quest to help heal the qualms of the subtle body through touch and energetic healing.

His session includes the perfect combination of both delicate touch and deep tissue relief with a fun, sensual twist. His goal is to listen to your body and prescribe a unique session of relief and relaxation. You can expect the soft sensual touch of a feather combined with the hard pressure your body needs.

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