• • We welcome Nolan to our team of Yogis.
  • • Over 3 years experience.
  • • Professional dancer and somatic practitioner.
  • • Background in facilitating queer and trans spaces
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Nolan approaches their classes from their experience as a professional dancer and somatic practitioner to help refocus the mind and encourage deep reflection and release. Meditation, breath, and activated stretching are often at the center of their flows.

Nolan uses purposeful poses to encourage lengthening, deepening, and release. In addition to movement, they believe in letting bodies respond to the offering of touch amplified through verbal encouragement and cues.

Nolan has been on a journey of exploration starting as a professional dancer and received their 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at The Studio in Wisconsin. They bring a unique, strong femme energy necessary for healing and accepting our bodies. And work as an artist exploring queer themes and sustainability design across multiple platforms.

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