• • 5+ years of Hands on Experience
  • • 10+ years certified yoga instruction 
  • • Professional Energy Healer via Tantra, Reiki & Chakra Alignment 
  • • Trained in Dance & Theatre Pedagogy (20+ years professional dancer).
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(Yoga / Masseur)

Paul calls upon his 20+ years in dance & yoga experience, as well as his intuitive connection to give you a beautifully unique experience in both his classes and private sessions. Simply put, he listens to your body and customizes sessions to meet your needs. Paul’s classes are physically challenging, uplifting, and spiritually engaging.

A private bodywork session with Paul consists of that you've come to love with our signature session as well as his applying his own guidance.

Described as eclectic, powerful, and spiritual!!.

Incorporating deep tissue, tantric touch, breath work and energetic alignment techniques, you'll leave the table feeling fulfilled, refreshed and relaxed at the same time. 

Paul is also a Professional Tarot & Astrology Reader!

He leads with love in everything he does and he’s honored to guide you thru this sacred practice.

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Paul’s ability to both read and shift energy is incredible. He connects fast and deep. He can comb...Read More