• • Yoga & Massage.
  • • Over 15 Years Experience.
  • • Long time yoga instructor and teacher trainer.
  • • Trained in energy work, touch, and the male body.
  • • Recently located to South Florida from San Fran & Bali
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(Ft Lauderdale)

Les has been teaching yoga and working with bodies for over 15 years. Whether you need gentle touch, stretching or a strong massage to help you release stress, tension - whatever it is, Les hands and knowledge will work it out.

His ultimate goal is your pleasure and stress relief to receive the type of bodywork you need today so that you leave either completely relaxed and ready for a great night's sleep or refreshed and rejuvenated to continue on with your day.
There's an amazing chance that whatever your questions are about your time together and touch the answer is yes, just ask. Les will accommodate whatever it is you need (within our boundaries).

Les is available for Private Sessions (Yoga Privates OR Bodywork on a Table)

Les teaches classes, workshops, trainings & retreats around the world & is also the author of "Two Lifestyles, One Lifetime". He leads yoga teacher trainings across the globe.

“What I’m teaching comes from my studies and how I incorporate that into my body & my spirit. My voice should only be a guide for you to explore your own body & spirit & the voice of your spirit will speak to you more clearly than anything I would ever have to say. br>
Formerly with Yoga Tree San Francisco & Yoga Barn Bali and has trained with Ana Forrest, Tias Little, Seane Corn & Max Strom.

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One of the best yoga classes I've ever attended. Les is an amazing instructor. I felt like he was a ...Read More