Danny (on Hiatus)

Danny (on Hiatus)
  • • Experienced in Yoga and Bodywork.
  • • Studied in Bali and has taught across the USA, returning in 2021 from P-Town.
  • • His bodywork sessions are informed by teaching yoga, an intuitive sense of the body, thai massage, and a passion for healing.
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(Yoga / Masseur)

Danny has a powerful yet accessible yoga practice. He took his 200 YTT in Bali with the Awakened School of Yoga and has been deepening his yoga curiosities all over the world ever since.

His Vinyasa sequences are challenging but he trusts you always come out of class with an altered and uplifted perspective.

Danny creates a loving and open heart-space for his students to grow. Meditation and focus are also key aspects of his practice. He has a wicked sense of humor, loves a good dance off, and is grateful for everyone in his life that has thrown a seed into his metaphorical garden of happiness.

Danny has a special intuitive sense of the body. His massage work starts with a general warming and relaxation and moves through to deeper tissue. Yoga has given him a refined sense of bodily awareness and a passion for healing. He is able to feel out problems and open up passageways. He uses a mix of soft touch and firm pressure with some Thai massage technique.

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