• • MMX Sr. PROtégé
  • * Over 3 years Experience
  • * MMX Classes
  • * Body Electric and Tantric Trained
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Tomik has worked in the spa and salon industry for over 10 years where he learned skills and techniques from his peers and colleagues. He discovered a talent and pursued this interest by expanding his knowledge in the art of touch and all that it embodies by signing up for classes and working with other Pros to develop his skills.

Tomik knows the stress that an active man can undertake and knows how to assess them. He is an avid gym goer and a Jazz Funk dancer…..

Tomik provides a unique touch combination that keeps clients coming back for more. He is proficient in sports techniques, swedish, deep tissue, and sensual modalities.

In addition, his naturally calm demeanor and gentle ways will put you right at ease before he ever lays his hands on you.

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I had a 60 minute massage today with Tomik at the CBD/Pro Parlour.

I had never had a mass...
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Had a terrific 90 minute massage with Tomik. Was very attuned to what my body needed. He was kind,...Read More
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Tomik is amazing - a gentle touch that is deceptively strong & deep. And a wonderful energy ...Read More
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I had a massage last week with Tomik, and he was fantastic. From the moment I walked in he made me f...Read More
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Tomik was knowledgeable, sensitive and intuitive and made me feel at ease immediately. He worked my ...Read More