• * Certified Massage Therapist¬†
  • * 14 years of professional experience
  • * Also Trained in Tai Chi and Healing Touch
  • We welcome Devin to our team of Pros at MMX.
  • Devin is a true healer and a masseur who bridges the connection between energy and anatomy.¬† His pursuit is to guide the two into alignment and achieve oneness in your body.
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Devin has trained Internationally, including the US, Canada and around the world, providing him a well-rounded educational platform. He's learned several Western/Eastern modalities over many years and crafted a mesh of intuitive therapy that heals the body and awakens the spirit.

With Devin's well trained hands, you'll experience the balance of strength in his deep strokes - that will release your muscles and the sensitivity - that will allow you to relax and sink into staying with the moment.

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Devin is awesome. By far the best massage I've gotten at MMX or anywhere.
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My experience with Devin was totally great. He is kind, strong and has great intuition. He spent ext...Read More
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Devin has a great presence and energy. He was very intuitive about touch. I like to begin my session...Read More