• • MMX PROtégé
  • • Over 8 Years Experience
  • • Trained Professional Dancer for 15 years.
  • • Advanced Experience in Yoga and Stretching.
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Tommaso has been giving and receiving massage for the past eight years and has a deep love and appreciation for the human body and the power of touch.

As a professional dancer and an advanced student of yoga, Tommaso possesses a sophisticated understanding of body systems, providing him unique insight into the individual needs of each client, and an intuitive understanding of the best techniques to alleviate even the deepest set tension.

Tommaso's massage will leave your body relaxed and energized. His blend of deep tissue and therapeutic sensual blend is very focused and intuitive. Tommaso has a very welcoming spirit. He loves meeting new people and making them feel more alive when they leave the table. He's very in tune with his own body and in return is able to use that positive energy and apply it to the massage. He takes a lot of pride in his work and is excited to meet you soon!

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A great massage from a great guy! Don’t miss out!
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What a great experience of massage done right! Great touch and pressure to work out all the stresses of my body!
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Tommaso has a great approach to massage. After a hard week, I left the session feeling relaxed and ...Read More