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Milan is a licensed massage therapist, trained at the Swedish Institute.

Milan is an MMX favorite, with an intuitive and professional approach to a variety of clients, he is able to adjust pressure and style based on your particular needs. He works with a combination of Swedish, deep tissue, compression, sport, and elements of Thai.

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"This is by far one of the best massages i have ever received in my life. He is very intuitive with what your body needs and his technique is excellent, it's very rare to find both qualities in a masseur. He also has a great personality and made me feel very comfortable." - Manu
"I've had a lot of massages over the years, but nothing compares to Milan's work. From the beginning he made me feel completely comfortable and know exactly the right amount of pressure to apply. What this man does with his hands is an art. I left feeling completely recharged. I can't wait to have him work on me again" - A
"Milan is a wonderful communicator. He took time at the beginning of the session to find out what areas I thought I needed the most work. He prepared the room with aromatherapy as well. He used a variety of techniques that seemed to combined stretching with deep tissue... they were very effective. I recommend Milan if you're looking for an excellent massage with an expert who has great energy." - GP
"After years of looking for someone who can do a super deep tissue massage in the city I found Millan. He found all the tight spots and worked them to the bone, literally. It was amazing. I look forward to the next time with Millan." - Louis
"I came to Milan with a tight back and at a stress and exhaustion level I hadn't experienced in a very long time. I conveyed that to Milan, and he went to work amazingly well. His strong, almost-mindreading touch stripped away my tension and invigorated me. I slept like a baby later that night. Woke up refreshed. I will definitely be booking again with Milan." - Robert
"Milan is super professional and entertaining. He started with a talk through of all my problem areas. He's very knowledgeable and super strong hands for a deep massage. I will be making his massages part of my monthly self improvement routine." - Marcus
"My session with Milan was incredible! Throughout the session I was aware a combination of of deep tissue, trigger point and soft touch - all the while I was silent and felt zoned out. I left walking taller, with no aches, no stress and with extreme appreciation for Milan and his professional talents. He made it special. Highly recommended!" - James
"Always good to see Milan. He's definitely one of the most technically skilled therapists at MMX." - Andrew
"Milan's massage was incredible. It's clear that he knows the body well and knows how to fix problems. The amount of pressure was great (I really like deep hard massages, and he definitely delivered.) On top of that, Milan was very friendly and caring, always making sure I was comfortable and that the massage was feeling good. Would highly recommend!" - Anthony
"I've had several massages with Millian over the last 18 months. I find that he is able to access muscle and other tissue to suit the way my body IS at the time of the massage. In short, my massages from Millian are truly restorative. [end]" - Anthony
"What a way to start 2016! All these reviews are spot on. Millan uses pressure, mixed with strokes and deep stretching to great effect. He makes you feel very comfortable and yet at the same time can pinpoint exactly where there is tension. You will feel this massage afterwards. Highly, highly recommended. Millan…..I'll be back!" - Gus
"Milan is well informed about the anatomy and this understanding makes his massage very satisfying. He's able to discover the tension and has a great technique to work through the knots and aches in the muscle. He uses strong pressure, combined with deep breathing, to bring relax and ease your tension." - Cyrus
Adjust his massage to your likes and dislikes and gives a very caring massage.
Tim" - Tim
"Milan gets in the muscle using dynamic and powerful strength and technique. Taut, direct, funny, very intuitive, smart, focused on his work and very caring, Milan was an excellent massage therapist when he worked on me. You're going to want to take deep breaths and exhale. He has a great sense of what muscles need to relax and open up so they can repair. It's less that he's a bone crusher, and more that he knows how to get to the knots and areas of the body that are holding tension. Milan is a dynamo who gets a workout doing what I believe he's passionate about: helping others heal and thrive in their bodies." - Karl
"Milan is a fantastic deep tissue masseur. He is a super nice (and handsome) guy as well. Unique and different experience (in a good way) - I plan to become a regular. If you like very deep massage, Milan is for you." - Scott
"This man knows the language of the touch I had an amazing experience with him, and I will come for more. Thank you Milan for your touch
NICK" - Nick (nissim)
"Strong hands, warm heart. A really good masseuse who actively listens to you and what you need (and how to kneed)." - Jon
"Strong hands, great at loosening tight knots, perfect post-workout massage. Nice guy too." - Eddie
"Great massage--very strong and paid attention to problem areas. I highly recommend Milan!" - Peter
"Amazing! Especially good at intense stretching. Great for athletes. Super sweet and handsome." - Jack
"I've had a few massages with Milan. He spent most of his time on my back where I needed the most work, which was perfect. Unlike some other therapists that you can tell have their routine and go only by that, Milan really made sure to focus on the areas that needed the most attention but still giving me a full massage. I will definitely be going back to Milan." - Andrew
"this is my second round with milan. he is a strong nice and quirky person but a also great masseur! i have a back pain this weekend and thought he could help relief the pains ... he somehow rub and stretch out my body ... i left the studio much better tonight. thank you milan, i will see you next time!" - tn
"He is simply great." - Tim
"I told Millan I was knot, but he figured this out for himself quickly. I was impressed by how strong his hands and elbows were and how he also worked on my flexibility (which I am not). But he did this while being very gentle, which seems impossible. He constantly checked in to make sure everything was not just okay but perfect. He is perfect for anyone who is very muscular/athletic and needs a stronger touch. He incorporates stretching into his technique. He has a warm spirit and a great personality too. I'm booking him again soon." - Demetrius
"Milan was amazing! I have never had such a deep tissue massage as that before. My legs were tight as nails from recently starting Crossfit and Milan really got in there. I was a total noodle coming off the table and feel amazing. He had innovative techniques and constantly checked in with me to make sure all was going well. I would totally recommend him to anyone who needs really strong hands." - Matthew
"Millan was terrific! Very skilled therapist with a warm personality - also very intuitive. I will book with him again." - Michael
"Massage was fantastic! Just cause of my profession as a dancer, I'm always trying to upkeep my body by treating myself to a massage here and there. So I can honestly say that Milan's chemistry to the body is truly wonderful. Very intuitive to problem areas and helpful to remind one of breath." - Bryan
"Milan gave me an intense deep tissue massage, focusing on the areas where I clearly have been storing a lot of stress and getting into painful knots. That part involved serious work! He knows what he's doing with that sort of therapeutic work. And he's also talented with the more sensual massage work that I wanted too. He communicated clearly with me upfront about what I wanted / needed and about how he would work and encouraged me to give feedback throughout the massage (only when I wanted to). He is very personable and respectful. He didn't cross boundaries, but at the same time gave me an amazingly pleasurable massage. I highly recommend Milan.
James" - J
"If you are looking for a really intense but knowledgeable massage, Milan is your man. He has very wise hands and goes very deep! Its complete and leaves you a little sore at the end, but that can be a good thing. He is super sweet to talk to and is very caring throughout the session. High praise!" - JOE
"What a great massage I received from Milan!!! Super friendly and very in tune with what my body needed. He really worked on the physical tightness in my body....hurting just enough to know it was working!!!!!.....but also added the soft sensual strokes that everyone loves in a massage! Warm spirit and knowledgeable.....a great mix!!!" - Tom
"Between his personality, his charm and his hands, I felt fully taken care of by Milan.

I have had tons of massages in my stress-laden life, and Milan was one of the best. He's rough where i need it, and gentle where i don't, and he is really great at stretching me out.

If all of this sounds sexual, it's because he's so hot - it was hard to lie face down with my face in the pillow- i wanted to watch him!" - Daniel

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