Michael Gates (Yoga)

Michael Gates (Yoga)
  • We are excited to welcome Michael to MMX Yoga. Michael, RYT-200, has been teaching yoga since 2008 and largely without clothes. He believes that Nakedness is a fitting metaphor for one the primary tenets yoga; just as asana provides physiological experiences that correlate to subtler teachings, undressing is a physical act that illuminates the ongoing process of peeling away the layers that cover, conceal, and distort our perception of our true selves.
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In 2005, Michael launched Naked Space, a private practice committed to safe and supportive explorations into body-positivity, compassion, and acceptance for one's self and for others.

He is extremely proud of his annual commitment to sharing naked yoga at Burning Man, with standing-room only crowds of beautifully strong and vulnerable humans from all over the planet.

He is available for private sessions through MMX, where you can also enjoy his weekly group classes.

What to expect in Michael’s class:
Michael teaches a vinyasa-based class that always includes longer holds of a few poses. The combination of movement and stillness preserves balance within the practice and challenges you to remain attentive and open to shifting experiences.

He believes in the strength of our community and the importance of healthy touch, so you can expect some partner work in each class. The room will be comfortably warm, but not excessively hot, so a moderate amount of sweat is reasonable depending on your fitness level and how much internal resistance you create.

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Michael guided us through a well-paced vinyasa, not too fast, plenty of alignment, breathwork and pa...Read More