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• Licensed Massage Therapist
• Over 20 years experience
• Senior MMX Facilitator and Workshop Leader
• Senior NIA Teacher
• 15 Years of Dance Training & Performing.

Kevin is a true Deep Tissue Muscle Release practitioner, and focuses on relieving chronic tension patterns as well as improving circulation with long flowing strokes for deep relaxation. His Swedish is excellent as well. He has over 20 years experience, and a background in dance and fitness.

Kevin teaches a variety of workshops at MMX. To schedule with Kevin, be flexible and request at least 3 days in advance.

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"This is the second time I've received a massage from Kevin, and like the first time, it was absolutely amazing. He is a master!" - Anthony
"Kevin is a true therapeutic massage professional. He has a variety of techniques that he uses to get at each muscle group. He got me ready again to get back out on the triathlon training course. He's also got a great personality--direct, fun and exceedingly kind." - Karl
"Kevin went deep and hit the hot spots so it hurt just in the right, ahhh, kind of way, yet felt intensely relaxing. Was a great massage." - CF
"Kevin has a great confident touch, you can tell he know's what he's doing." - Mike
"Kevin has really strong hands - super strong. If you are that guy who can never find a therapist to go deep enough - You Have Now! Combine that with his cheerful personality and being in-tune with your body - he will work those knots out" - MMX Master

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