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• Certified massage therapist
• 10 years of experience

Cristian provides a customized massage experience that is designed to meet your specific needs. Trained in a number of modalities, his massage style is a combination of Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Accupressure, Lomi Lomi, and Aromatherapy.

Cristian has worked in upscale spas and hotels and in private practice, and has over 1000 hours of training in massage. With a background in hospitality, theater, and community service, Cristian projects kind, welcoming energy, and provides a massage experience you won't soon forget!

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"Christian is an excellent masseur--the best deep tissue massage I have had in a long time. He is knowledgable, skilled and sensitive with great positive energy. Michael" - X Michael
"Cristian gave me honestly the best massage I've had in years. Thoughtful, sensual, easy-going, warm, inviting, intense-- he brought all the layers I wanted to our session" - Jason
"You can feel Cristian's positive energy from the moment you walk into the room. He is extremely in tune with what your body needs, where the tension lies and works hard to make sure you leave feeling brand new. It was an incredible experience and cant wait to book again!" - S
"Christian managed to break down my oversight and stressed muscles while lulling me into a sleep like state. My back and legs are tight like a bull in the ring, Many masseuses can't handle big muscles or legs. Christian can. Christian gently coaxed them to release. By the end of my 90 minutes I just wanted a blanket and pillow so I could sleep. He was great. And his sparkling eyes make great connection." - Ralph

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