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• Licensed Massage Therapist
• Over 20 years experience
• Certified in Thai Massage, Feldenkrais, and Zero Balancing
• Certified in Ashiatsu (Body Walking)
• Choreographer / Dancer / Artistic Director

Antonio is a licensed massage therapist whose training and massage combines the best of Eastern and Western modalities - and both therapeutic and sensual. Antonio is a natural healer and is trained in Feldenkrais, Reflexology, Watsu, Polarity, Zero Balancing, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and more.

He is famous for his skills in BodyWalking and Thai Therapy using his feet, knees, and body to get deeper into the muscle fibers.

As a dancer and founder of a modern dance company, Antonio desires to explore currents of energy and exploring the anatomy and mechanics of movement.

He offers integrative Therapeutic Bodywork, using a variety of and modalities combining different strokes, and trigger points, adjusting pressure and type of massage to your needs.

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"Antonio is a gifted, intuitive master masseur. His massages are incredible and unique. A pleasure for the jaded palette." - Tommy
"Antonio is extraordinary, talented, gets deep into muscles, stimulates erotically and otherwise, and gets 5 stars." - Bill
"The massage was amazing, like nothing I've ever experienced. Antonio was warm and professional, and I trusted him from the beginning - which was a good thing, because I found myself in positions that were new to me. By the end, I felt both relaxed and energized, and ready for the world." - Jeffrey
"Antonio is amazing. One of the best I had in my life. He walked on my back and it was AWESOME!!!!" - Brad
"I had a 60 minute tantric/body electric massage with Antonio. He was sensitive, intuitive and genuinely gifted. It was an amazing experience, and I left feeling profoundly relaxed. He guided me through the breathwork throughout the session. I enjoyed it completely." - Mike
"Antonio is fantastic, very sensual and good with his hands and body. Looking forward to another great session!" - Franz
"I have taken several of Antonio's workshops and each time I walk away feeling very relaxed and happy. In addition to being a wonderful, warm person, Antonio is incredibly knowledgeable about massage techniques and the human body and he combines this know-how to create passionate, skillful touch. He is also highly adept at communicating what he is doing so that each encounter also becomes a learning experience. It's a fantastic, can't miss opportunity!" - Malcolm
"I had had a real tantra massage only once with by a teacher of this rare massage form. reading Antonio's credentials I booked a 90 minute session with him. We had it at MMX's private studios. He was punctual. The session was extraordinary, there was a continuum, focus and dedication throughout that made time stop as I felt propelled to a new dimension. Sound corny or unreal? well that is how I felt. Harry" - Harry
"Antonio gave me a wonderful massage at the MMX Pro Parlour Pain & Pleasure Edition. The combination of his perfect touch and the sensual spanking were amazing. Highly recommended!" - S
"What distinguishes Antonio from other masseurs is the fluidity of the session. And I am not just talking about smooth transitions from one body region to another. I am talking about total integration which is not only rythmic but incorporates things like adding more massage oil without Antonio removing his hands from your body - definitely some kind of magic going on here. For the first time in over a year I slept the entire night without waking up once. Highly recommended." - Sam
"Wow, Antonio is an amazing masseur. If you are at all athletic or just can appreciate a really deep thorough massage experience then Antonio is your guy. He really knows the body and all elements of releasing muscle knots and tension. I can honestly say I have never had a massage quite as proficient and detail oriented as this one. The whole body experience was a trip I hope to take again soon. His massage goes deep and flows smoothly. He used coconut oil which was extremely light and non greasy, unlike others who lay on so much oil or lotion that it just makes your skin crawl. Again I can't praise Antonio's expertise enough. This is a serious real deal massage by a very body educated masseur. Just spectacular and highly highly recommended!" - Mario
"Antonio is a fantastic and highly skilled masseur. He incorporated a number of different styles into the massage and the footwork was amazing! He really broke down all the knots in my muscles. He switches between a gentle and firm touch throughout, which provides a very sensual aspect to the massage. I recommend him wholeheartedly and will book another session with him in the near future." - Dan
"Antonio gave a hell of a massage." - CF
"Antonio is amazing!" - Jeffrey
"One of the best massage experiences I have had. Very intuitive and connected. Exactly what I needed! Thank you. Sean" - Sean
"If you're looking for real massage, Antonio is the guy. I had the most amazing massage I ever had in my life and have had lots of in my life. He is gifted and he know what he is doing, also he is very nice guy. I'll definitely have many more from him." - Marck
"The most unique and unforgettable massage I've ever had." - Ethan
"Antonio has magic hands - his energy is intoxicating - and he will leave you in a state of blissful relaxation. don't make plans after he works on you - just get a blanket and be ready for the best night's sleep ever" - MMX Master

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