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• Degree in Health / Human Performance
• 10 years of experience
• Bodybuilding & International Physique League Champion
• Dance Teacher / Choreographer / Artistic Director
• Adjunct Faculty at CUNY
• Co-founder of the Tahitian Dance Group Te Ao Mana

Born and raised in the Hawaiian islands, Anton has been an active practitioner of Lomi Lomi from a young age. Often translated as “healing hands” or ‘hands of love’ Lomi Lomi is an art of massage practice utilized by ancient Polynesians that is fueled by love, good intentions, and positive energy. It seeks to heal through the balancing of ones’ physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being through energized, intuitive touch.

As a dancer, choreographer, and artist - Anton has a vivid and deep understanding of the body’s musculoskeletal system and draws on his diverse training and experience in Dance medicine, Swedish, sports/deep tissue, and sensual modalities to curate a unique experience for each and every session. The benefits of massage are profound, extensive, and essential for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle which is a priority for which Anton advocates.

Whether it be deep knot melting, muscle stripping session, or a lighter global vibration and/or stretch, his eclectic integration of healing modalities, technique, and intuitive practice will have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

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"Absolutely amazing! Definitely my first choice next time." - Courtney
"Amazing!" - Bill
"It was great receiving a massage from you. My body feels so relaxed and at ease now. I am sure you know it, but you are incredibly talented!" - Myles
"Anthony gives one of the best massages I've ever received. Whether it be deep tissue or a relaxing rub, he's your man. I've worked with him several times and have never been disappointed. Five stars. 😊" - Stefan
"Anthony gives a great massage. He knows how to give a great deep tissue massage without being too deep. Every moment on the table was a healing and satisfying experience. He's adorable too. :)" - Tommy
"I've had a lot of massages over the years. Anthony WOWed me! Great touch. Great sensitivity. Sexy to boot!" - Robert
"Anton was overall one of the best massage therapist I've had. My body (especially my legs) was extremely tight before the massage and he totally fixed it in one session. I like the long firm strokes and the various stretching techniques. He has a warm energy as well which is very soothing. Will definitely book another session!" - KD
"Hands down, best massage I've ever had. This guy is a wizard of touch." - G
"Anthony was great! He ensured I was comfortable, applying the right pressure as I requested to help me relax. His hands were warm to the touch and focused more on the areas where there was more tension which I appreciated very much!

Very professional, a great listener and most importantly- strong hands! Defo will be back! Thanks Anthony!" - James
"Anthony is amazing may skilled at what he does and gave me one of the best massages I have recieved. I was very impressed by the combination of the different techniques and how he was able to smoothly mesh them together into a truely healing and rewarding experience. He was able to tune into what my body needed and intuitively respond. I recommend for all, truely different experience." - Keith
"Anthony was amazing!! He really know how touch, it was one of the most exciting massage experience that i ever had in my all life." - Nick (nissim)
"the massage was excellent! Anthony did an incredible job and I left NYC relaxed and ready for the week back in LA." - Brandon
"I had an amazing time with Anthony today. Everything you said was true and I really enjoyed myself. He's talented and intuitive. Thanks for matching me up with the right guy - I'll definitely see him again." - Kevin
"Anthony is keenly attentive to the needs of his clients. He brings a very centered and balanced approach to his bodywork practice. I enjoy intense and high pressure touh with some adaptation. Anthony is able to pinpoint the right amount of pressure to leave me feeling fully restored." - Mel
"Wow - Anton brought back a tremendous amount of mobility to some really tight muscles. He did an amazing job - I can't thank him enough!" - Shawn
"Jeff, That was Crazy awesome! He's very talented on many levels and you are fortunate to have him on your team. Thanks!" - RB
"Anton has special talent in energy and touch. He's a quiet guy whose personality comes out thru his hands when your on the table. Strokes are strong and very deep where you need it and simultaneously arousing. He takes control of your body and its easy to let go and soak in his calm energy and healing forces. If you enjoy a sexy man who delivers a combo of therapeutic, sensual, tantric, thai and lomi lomi in the most caring creation - this is your guy!" - MMX Master
"I was in cloud 10 after my session. Give yourself a great gift and go see him." - Luis
"Anton has that "magic touch"... so difficult to find..." - Enrique
"I just received an amazing massage from Anton. His work is skilled, caring, fluid, deep and nurturing. He is the real deal. I am a massage therapist; I know what great massage is. And Anton is really doing that high level of work that is sublime on all levels: therapeutic, sensual and spiritual. Book a session with him. I'm looking forward to my next." - Ken
"I just had a massage by Anthony and highly recommend him to all MMX members. Not only does he have a great demeanor but I have never had a massage therapist so in tuned to the needs of my body. I arrived suffering from a stiff neck that has been bothering me for weeks. Anthony was able to work through the aches with the touch of his magic hands. He also was able to open up my hips and release a lot of tension that I did not even realize I have been carrying around. I have had a lot of massages but this one is up there in the top tier." - Stephen

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