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Andrew Su

Andrew Suter has been honing his Massage Skills since 1996. A graduate of the Seattle School of Massage, he has studied many modalities with many masters.
{rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries, as well as Thai Massage. The combination of deep healing, energetic work and an intuitive ability makes his sessions so much more then "a massage". You must experience it for yourself!

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"Thank you, Andrew for fixing me up and sharing your amazing talent and overwhelming energy. Immensely sensual, relaxing, and a great therapeutic help to my muscles and mobility." - Jon
"What a great session! It was perfectly relaxing, communicative when needed, and he's not uptight at all. That helped me decompress, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Many can't seem to get the pressure right, but Andrew did. And my back felt better for a good while after, so the effects lasted well. Definitely try Andrew's treatment." - JG
"Andrew was wonderful. I felt great afterward. Andrew was very communicative and answered my questions as a newcomer to MMX. It was a great first introduction to your organization." - Jensen
"I've had many, many massages over the past few years and I'm also a professional masseur, so I'm extremely particular when it comes to massage. More often than not I'm disappointed whenever I try a new masseur and it takes a lot to impress me. The massage I had by Andrew this week is hands down one of the best (if not THE best) massage I've ever had in my life. His hands seem to have a mind of their own and he was able to dig in as deeply as I wanted and needed him to, loosening up my chronically tight left shoulder in a way that numerous acupuncture visits could never manage to. He can apply as much or as little pressure as you want him to--I happen to need the deepest possible pressure since my muscles are pretty thick and they're used to taking a beating. Usually when I tell a massage therapist to go as deep as they can, it's nowhere near the kind of pressure I need--but Andrew really impressed me with his strong and intuitive hands. He also checked in frequently to make sure I was doing ok so I felt 100% safe in his experienced and capable hands. I can't recommend him enough-whether you need a light, relaxing touch or an extremely deep massage experience, Andrew is your man." - Lawrence
"Andrew gave an incredible tantric massage. He has great technique and an incredible energy." - Jon
"Thursday evening's massage was the perfect pairing of relaxation and sensuality. Andrew listened to what I had to say before our session started and maintained the perfect amount of pressure throughout. Very attentive too.

Mark" - Mark
"Great massage which is what i needed at end of the week. Relaxing, great touch and all in a serene setting - Carl" - Carl
"The massage was very enjoyable and relaxing - great value for the price (The MMX Salon)" - Tim
"Loved The MMX Salon, the atmosphere and massage were both comforting and relaxing.

Andrew knows how to work a muscle and get out the kinks and knots. Highly recommend." - Jimmy

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