Massage Types

Here are descriptions of the types of massages we offer.


Bodywork for stress relief, muscle release, and soreness.  Firm Pressure, Sports.  Combination of Techniques.

Using a variety of techniques, the pro will incorporate gliding and kneading strokes, and a system of manipulation of muscles to free the flow of lymphatic fluid, which supplies oxygen to the muscles and carries away toxins. Strong pressure is applied across the grain of the muscles, as well as deep stretches. Non sensual in nature and good for sports enthusiasts because it reduces recovery time from stiffness, soreness, and even injury.

$150 - 60 / $185 - 90
Pines - Add $10-15 / Outcalls Additional / $15 Xtra Charge for Non Members

Restorative Sensual Blend

Perfect blend of firm bodywork and relaxing sensual strokes. 

 Combines elements of restorative massage, using firm and sensual strokes, what we call the "perfect blend". The pro will incorporate, gliding, kneading, and stretches – and add in touch to erogenous areas of the body as well.  The pro will have you fully relaxed and released of all tension.   Good for those who want a full body treatment, stress relief, and want to leave relaxed and rejuvanated.


$150 - 60 / $185 - 90
Pines - Add $10-15 / Outcalls Additional / $15 Xtra Charge for Non Members

Full Body THAI (90 mins only)

Combines deep stretching, rhythmic compression, soft-tissue manipulation, energy balancing, and acupressure. For increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, enhancing the body’s natural energy flow, and promoting a quiet mind.  See full description

Select among these Pros for this treatment: Ric, Antonio, Conor, Doug, Jeff


This full body treatment combines deep stretching, rhythmic compression, soft-tissue manipulation, energy balancing, bodywalking, and acupressure. It is unique and perfect for increasing flexibility, releasing both deep and superficial tension, enhancing the body’s natural energy flow, and promoting a quiet mind.

In this massage, you will be moved into various positions, similar to yoga-like postures.  Deep stretches and pressure will be applied to your body using all parts of the pro's anatomy, including thumbs, palms, elbows, knees, feet, butt, and sometimes a combination! Unlike other forms of massage, you are an "active" participant.

In addition to stretching muscle and soft tissue, your energy lines (sen/meridian) of the body will be turned on to harmonize the flow of energy around the body.

Many guys, especially athletes, dancers, and yogis, love this treatment for its extensive full-body stretching routine. This results in offering a much more effective and deep stretch combo than you could accomplish alone.

Thai massage is performed on a thick cushion mat on the floor.  You can be fully dressed in loose clothing (traditional), or in your shorts, naked or draped. 

You can request some sensual; or purely therapeutic. 
Your Pro will remain minimally clothed.

Thai Yoga massage is an ancient healing art with origins in Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga and Buddhism. The art of Thai Yoga Massage was developed over 2,500 years ago by the physician to the Theravedic Buddhist order of monks and nuns in northern India. When the monks and nuns migrated from India to Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, and Thailand, they brought this knowledge with them. What began as a method of facilitating deeper meditation practices has evolved into a healing tradition combining many modalities of massage with a spiritual message of compassion, patience and awareness.

Many guys feel taller, more graceful, and more integrated, and they experience an exquisite sense of freedom in their body following a Thai session.

Select among these Pros for this treatment: Antonio, Doug, Jeff

90 mins - $180 / 120 mins - $240
Pines - Add $15 / Outcalls Additional / $15 Xtra Charge for Non Members

Private Yoga Session

Schedule a Private Sesssion with one of our Yoga Teachers.

You can flex, bend, stretch gaining greater flexibility and more in private yoga sessions with our Yogis. 

Aspects of yoga that are often explored focus on meditation, stress relief, pranayama (breath work), learning and improving inversions, arm balances, standing balance poses, in addition to building strength and flexibility.   You choose what best suits your interest.  Our Yoga privates are not massage sessions nor combinations.  They are professional private lessons. 

One hour private at $140; 5 Pack for $625; and we can arrange a small group of 2 as well. Inquire via email.

Email us for more info and to choose your Yogi Pro. 


Private Lesson for Two

Take turns getting a massage by a Pro and your partner so you'll get 4 hands and lots of learning at the same time. 

A 90 minute private lesson at the MMX studio taught by one of our qualified MMX Pros.  This gift keeps on giving because you'll pick up some great skills and learn how to rub your man the right way.  This session can be customized for therapeutic, sensual, stretching, tantric or a combination.  

Please be flexible on your date and time choices and give us options so we can set you up with the right Pro.  You will also get a Container of Professional Massage Oil or Cream.

** Outcall Option: Extra charge for outcall in your home and table transport.


Manscaping by MMX

Our body grooming services offer trimming for your entire body, or just some parts.

We use professional grooming trimmers to manscape your hair into any desired look you want. We sculpt the chest, back, arms, groin, butt, and legs. You pick the length and look, and our manscapers will clean you up good!

Come in for a trim before that hot date you have, or get 'scaped to show off your hot Summer bod.

Grooming defines certain muscles and “bulges,” and may keep you cooler in the warmer months.

Book an appointment today with Tomik (Senior Trimmer), Phillip, or Wylie.

Note: We don't wax, sugar, or shave. Trimming Only.

$90 (45 mins), $115 (60 mins), $175 for 90 mins (includes some massage)