We run instructional and teaching series for learning bodywork, weekly yoga classes, as well as social and casual massage trade events and everything in between. We often host special events around a particular modality or treatment. We have daytime, evening and weekend events. Our events range the gamut, all centering around relaxation, relief of tight muscles, giving and receiving, learning, stretching you out of your comfort zone, disconnecting from technology and connecting to other men - a very friendly group of guys (who just happen to be good looking with great bodies).

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If you are looking for a way to touch guys and be touched - for healing,
for relieving sore muscles, for fun, for sensuality, and for relaxation ...
you've come to the right place. And it's free!

We host:

  • Bodywork Classes and Instruction
  • Casual Group Trades & Parties
  • Theme Based Workshops
  • Yoga Classes
  • Experiential Theatrical Fantasy Immersions

Most MMX Workshops and Events are private and for members-only.
Our membership is very diverse and for guys who are athletic, fit,
have good touch energy, and strive for optimal mind-body excellence.