MMX Connect

What is MMX Connect?

MMX Connect is the unique technology to meet other guys for Massage Trade.

And not just any guys - but members only - so many have experience in massage, have come to our workshops, are skilled or wanting to learn more - they know what they are doing and they look great too!! 

There is a simple to use Free Version and a very inexpensive Premium Version which gives you Unlimited options and Access to our unique Massage Trade Instant Request Platform - EZTouch!




User Search

Meet other members

Browse profiles of other exclusive MMX guys.


Masage trade request platform

Post your availability and meet up with other guys looking for massage trade right now.


Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy discounted rates to some of our Group Events in addition to promotions from our pros.


When you're accepted into MMX, you automatically receive a customized profile and access to MMX user search.

Certain features, such as EZTouch, are available when you upgrade your account.


How do I join MMX Connect?

If you are new to MMX, then you should fill out an application to join MMX:


If you have been accepted to MMX, then you can login now using your email address as your login: