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Summer 2018
Available for Outcalls Select Weekends Until June 20th
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Fire Island Pines Location Opens on June 21.  to request an appt.


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Prices for Bodywork in the Pines (unless otherwise noted) is: $160 for 60 minutes / $190 for 90 minutes
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** No charge for Outcalls between Porgie and Beach Hill.  Extra for beyond there and Cherry Grove.

FIP Wed 7/25 and Thur 7/26


Doug is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Nationally Certified.

He is a graduate of The Academy of Massage Therapy in Hackensack, New Jersey and is certified in Traditional Southern Wat Po Massage by the Swedish Institute and The Art of Classical Thai-Yoga Bodywork by the Vedic Conservatory.

Doug has worked at spas and fitness centers in Miami and New York City including the Jewish Community Center, Avalon Salon and Day Spa, and The Spa at Mandarin Oriental. He also was a volunteer Massage Therapist for HIV positive clients at The Center for Positive Connections.

In a typical session with Doug you can expect a treatment that integrates intuitive work with your preferences, and techniques from all areas of his training, into a seamless custom experience.

Doug sets an example for his clients by striving for balance in his life -- emphasizing the importance of physical fitness, adequate rest, healthy eating habits and supplementation, along with a spiritual practice.

FIP 7-20 to 7-24


Omri has been practicing massage and healing arts for the past for the past 9 years. He is available only in Fire Island in September.

He blends the best of many specialized techniques, incorporating deep work, with stretching, and supremely relaxing strokes.

With training as a yoga instructor, a Reiki Master, Body Electric and more, he is able to sense points of stress and move his hands to where your body calls out for attention, adjusting his pressure to enhance your experience.

He will put you into a supremely relaxed state, releasing your pent up energy whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual. He uses breath work and chakra stimulation to help you find a more relaxed, clear, and happy state of mind.

All combined, with his yoga instructor background, his massage training plus body electric and energy work, you get a perfect blend of therapeutic, energy healing, and sensual relaxation. And his calm energy and demeanor puts you right at ease that you are in good hands.

He will share his positive and calm energy to make your sessions very memorable. Sessions are available in the Pines (your place) and the Grove (his place) weekdays after 5pm or weekends all by appointment.

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Available 7-19 to 7-22

Robert (PROtege) - FI Only

Robert is an avid believer in the power of touch to relieve pain and tension and to reduce anxiety. Robert has always enjoyed giving and receiving and recently took his passion to the next level by getting involved at MMX. Over the past 2 years, he has taken a variety of class offerings and worked with members and Pros, continually improving the experience of his touch

Robert’s “resting smile face” and welcoming energy will begin to put you at ease from the very start of your session. Listening to your needs, he will develop a custom treatment just for your body. His intuitive touch will find all your tight spots and his strong hands will work them loose, causing lots of involuntary “mmms" and “aaaahhhhs" as you mentally float off his table. You will leave feeling amazing!

Robert always loves meeting new people and sharing his passion for the healing power of touch. Book a session with him today! Book an Energy Flow Bodywork Session with him today.

Avail FIP 7-26 to 7-31

Bryan B (Avail in NYC in Aug)

Since 2013, Bryan has enrolled in a variety of MMX Workshops & Training Series, including Basics, Advanced Basics, Sports, QiGong, Full Body and More, further developing his hands on skills. He has enjoyed countless massage trades with other members, from novices to pros. He has honed his own table skills and demeanor by incorporating the very best elements experienced through education and trades and developing his own flow, which includes a blend of deep tissue and therapeutic sensual strokes, with full body weight compression.

Bryan begins each session with warm and honest communication so that he and the client are aligned in the goals of their time together. One of his goals is to create a safe space to shed the pressures and anxieties of the outside world and focus on the therapeutic connection of physical contact.

He is the first to admit that he receives as much enjoyment from the body work he provides as the clients. Book a session with him today.

Avail 7-17 to 7-20


In addition to The Perfect Blend Treatment, Jeff also offers a Classic Tantric Massage, which incorporates using breath and bodywork to move energy around the entire body so that the receiver has an immensely profound experience and full body sensations

His training comes from eastern modalities of Thai Massage and Shiatsu (Acupressure), Body Electric, and many hours of MMX workshops and time with the groups skilled masters.

Jeff believes that healing touch is an essential and necessary element for you to unwind, disconnect, relieve sore muscles, and awareness of what’s going on in your body that may be manifesting from stress, anxiety, overworking, or not taking care of yourself.

Bodywork is a meditation for Jeff and he limits his appointments to just a few per week, as part of a balance between 'playing' in MMX, Broadway Bodies , and Helping Guys get Unstuck, Start a Business, Find a Passion, or Find their Soul Mate!

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60 Minutes

Our standard 60 minute massage will allow you to relax under professional hands in Fire Island.

60 Minute - $160

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