About MMX

MMX is both a physical venue and online space for men interested in massage, massage trade, energy work and yoga.

If you are looking for a way to touch and be touched for healing, for relieving sore muscles, relaxation, for fun and sensuality, you've come to the right place. And it's free!

We host:

  • Bodywork Classes and Instruction
  • Casual Group Trades & Parties
  • Theme Based Workshops
  • Yoga Classes
  • Experiential Theatrical Fantasy Immersions

Most in-person MMX Workshops and Events are private and for members only. Our membership is diverse and includes those from all walks of life who have good touch energy, and strive for optimal mind-body excellence.

Check out our talented team of vetted practitioners.

About MMX

Our Members Are:

MMX members

Interested in massage, bodywork, yoga,
the outdoors, healthy living.
Friendly, open to new experiences and have great energy.

A desire to learn and improve massage
trade skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

Work hard, play hard and have sore muscles
that need attention.

Love meeting new people away from the
bar scene.

Seeking new ways to relax and
energize thru bodywork and related modalities.

Looking to stretch themselves (mind and body).

Age range between 18 and 65.

MMX workshops

Programs for your Mind & Body

What do we offer?

We host workshops and events in NYC and FIP and Fort Lauderdale. We have professional bodyworkers who teach, facilitate, and offer bodywork. They are trained in the MMX Restorative Blend, swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, sports massage, Thai, tantric, acupressure and more. We have all kinds of workshops that cater to newbies and beginners, as well as the seasoned professionals too!

We host small groups and larger events: some instructional, some social, and instruction for singles and couples. We also have special events and immersive experiences. Our spacious, comfortable studio is clean and professional, and our work is done on tables or Thai Mats.

MMX events range from therapeutic touch to sensual touch, and we provide rules/guidelines and boundaries for our events that make it fun, sexy, safe and comfortable for all attendees. We create a safe space, respect boundaries and have rules of conduct for all of our group events.


Hear what people are saying about MMX

Was my first event of this kind, especially in NYC since I just moved here. I was a little intimidated because I wasn't sure I was experienced enough. You guys made me feel so comfortable and I am certain to be a regular.
I had an awesome time last night! Before going I was unsure if the whole thing should be awkward. I consider massage to be a very intimate thing... What really helped was when we socialized in the beginning. It made it less awkward and you at least got to know everyone in the room somewhat... am looking forward to the next event. I left so relaxed and slept like a baby when I got home.
Thanks for putting a fun evening together. I really enjoyed... I really like both you guys (the instructors). You have great energy and create a nice sense of welcoming and warmth.

Professional Bodywork

PRO MMX has a team of highly qualified,
trained, certified, licensed massage
therapists that have been screened and
verified by our team.

Meet our pros

They are amazing healers, and have extensive backgrounds in massage, Eastern and Western modalities, and bodywork techniques. Whether your body needs to relax and unwind, or you need specific work on an injury or tightness, you will find an instructor in our pool of talent that is right for you. What we do not offer is erotic/sexual. Our bodywork may be sensual, but it is nonsexual and we offer legitimate body treatments. So please, don't waste our time by inquiring about erotic.

Are you a healer and looking to share your talents?

New pros welcome

If so, please contact us. We`re always interested in meeting men with the ability to help their fellow men with what ails them.
Bonus points if you have teaching experience or have facilitated group sessions!

Contact Us

MMX's home is 2B Studios with 2 private
treatment rooms and 1 large studio.

NYC: 14th Street near 6th Ave
FLL: Oakland near Federal near 6th Ave

Satellite Locations: Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove,
Fort Lauderdale and more coming soon.

Our Studio is a clean, well equipped, professional
beautiful space to relax into.