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First, Check out Available Pros - Dates on the island are indicated.  (x) means that Pro is not on the island but in NYC.

Prices for Bodywork in the Pines (unless otherwise noted) is: $160 for 60 minutes / $190 for 90 minutes
(check for discount cards on the island)

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You may also call or text us at 631.553.5210.  Please look at this link for information we will need to book your appointment.

** No charge for Outcalls between Porgie and Beach Hill.  Extra for beyond there and Cherry Grove.

Ltd Avail on Sat 9/16 and 9/17 in Grove/Pines. Outcalls only.

Tomik (PROtégé)

* Over 2 years Experience
* MMX Classes
* Body Electric

We are excited to have Tomik join our team of Pro(teges) at MMX.

Tomik has worked in the spa and salon industry for over 10 years where he learned skills and techniques from his peers and colleagues. He discovered a talent and pursued this interest by expanding his knowledge in the art of touch and all that it embodies by signing up for classes and working with other Pros to develop his skills.

Tomik knows the stress that an active man can undertake and knows how to assess them. He is an avid gym goer and a Jazz Funk dancer…..

Tomik provides a unique touch combination that keeps clients coming back for more. He is proficient in sports techniques, swedish, deep tissue, and sensual modalities.

In addition, his naturally calm demeanor and gentle ways will put you right at ease before he ever lays his hands on you.

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60 Minutes

Our standard 60 minute massage will allow you to relax under professional hands in Fire Island.

60 Minute - $160

90 Minutes

Choose 90 minutes for a full experience in the hands of one of our professionally trained masseurs.

90 Minute - $190